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Why does transformation need Third Places and how can they be designed?

Third places are open spaces that differ from the two other environments we live in private homes and workplaces, schools and universities. Examples of third places include cafes, maker spaces, public libraries, bookstores, and arts organizations like galleries, theaters, and museums but also “virtual spaces” that offer accessible meeting opportunities on a “neutral ground”.

From the 8th until the 12th of May 2023, SciCultureD participants from different backgrounds and stakeholders from the city of Bochum developed and co-created innovative ideas on how to create “Third Places” as centers for more inclusive, participatory and sustainable communities.


An inner pespective:
listen the stories from our participants

Watch the testimonials from:
Lara Schilling, research assistant at Bochum University of Applied Sciences in the department of Sustainability, Transfer and Entrepreneurship.

Mikiel Cassar, anthropology student at the University of Malta.

Anne Skaar, Assistant Professor at the Department of Welfare and Participation, HVL, Sogndal, Norway.


The SciCultureD course integrated the Double Diamond approach with 8 Creative Pedagogies, eight practical features of a creative science education identified by the CREATIONS team. These pedagogical features guided the design of the course (present as card suite in the Course Kit planning tool) and strongly emerging during the activities.


Photo credits: ScicultureD (Erasmus+ funded)

Photo credits: SciCultureD (Erasmus+ funded) 2023


Where transformation happens

Bochum is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the sixth largest city of Germany, at the centre of Germany’s largest urban conglomeration, the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region

Where in the last century coal mining and the steel industry characterised the people and landscape in Ruhr Metropolis, today the region’s main goal is to develop into a “Knowledge Metropolis”, with a strong focus on a triple transition: green, digital and social. The massive structural transition in the Ruhr Region has seen it become a location for services, technology and knowledge. Education plays a major role in Ruhr Metropolis. 

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