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Edward Duca

Science and Innovation Communication Lecturer, Festival manager, University of Malta and Malta Chamber of Scientists Board Member.
Dr Edward Duca thought up and leads the SciCultureD project. He is involved in several large EU funded projects, lectures in science communication and innovation, and has created and managed several science communication events through the NGO the Malta Chamber of Scientists. The largest activity being the national science and arts festival Science in the City attracting 6% of Malta’s population annually. He aims to continue setting up research and activities between diverse fields to develop effective science communication activities that encourage a scientifically aware society to develop informed opinions. He wants Malta to embed a culture of public engagement and research that benefits society.
Specialities: Science Communication practice and research, Innovation Communication, Responsible research and innovation, Science Writing, Project Management, Science and Arts, Activity Evaluation, Genetics, Ideas, Editing.

Kristine Pace

Design researcher and architect
Kristine is a design researcher and architect; she has recently completed her studies in Design Research with a focus on design thinking and its application in the fields of education. She is currently a planning professional with a heritage NGO in Malta and is a lecturer on a casual basis at the University of Malta. She has previously worked for several years as a warranted architect in Malta, during which she carried out various design workshops. Her current research focuses on the tracing of multiple agencies within the design process with a focus on participatory acts of design through an engagement with stakeholders.

Specialities: Design Thinking, Architectures, Cultural Heritage

Kerry Chappell

Associate Professor in Education, University of Exeter and HVL Norway

Dr Kerry Chappell’s UoE research and teaching have a firm focus on creativity, creative pedagogy, the arts and transdisciplinary research. Within her teaching, she runs the MA Creative Arts in Education, and contributes to the MA Technology, Creativity and Thinking in Education, as well as the supervision of PhD students.
Kerry’s most recent research has considered the dialogic and material nature of creative pedagogy in science|arts transdisciplinary practice, whether and how we might think of creativity as posthuman, alongside a focused literature review of creativity research in dance education. She also currently works on an in-house UoE research project looking at how digital tools and creative pedagogies can enhance project-based-learning within higher education teaching. Within the SciCultureD intensive courses, Kerry will be facilitating some performing arts elements (drawing on her practice with DanceLab Collective) and, with Hans Mark Svedal leading the creative pedagogical framework and evaluating its impact.

Specialities: creative pedagogies, embodied dialogue, post-humanism, transdisciplinarity

Menelaos Sotiriou

President of Science View, Greece and Coordinator of Learning Science Through Theatre Initiative
Menelaos is a science writer and communicator with a background in applied mathematics and 20 years of international work experience. He holds an MSc in Total Quality Management and is currently training research teams in the field of science communication.
He is the initiator of a national educational project called “Learning Science Through Theatre”, is the National Coordinator of the Greek Student Parliament on Science, and for the last 15 years has been involved in more than 30 EU projects in the areas of SiS, SSH, ICT, and Research for the Benefit of SMEs. He is a research associate at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, has been a board member of the European Union of Science Journalist’s Associations (EUSJA), is on the steering board of the Center for Creativities, Arts and Science Education (CASE), and was previously the editor of the Research and Technology online Magazine under the General Secretariat of Research Technology in Greece (GSRT)
Specialities: Science Communication, Science Theathre, SMEs, Storytelling

Hans Mark Svedal

Lecturer at Department of Arts Education, HVL

Hans has a major in ethnomusicology and has worked as a teacher for children and educators, like primary school and kindergarten teachers and child welfare educators.
His teaching experience includes aesthetic learning processes, multiculturalism, culture and creativity, and music and art. Hans has been a music lecturer at HVL since 2009. 

Specialities: music, soundscape

Basel Myhub

Project Manager at city2science

Basel Myhub joined the city2science team in January 2022 as a project manager. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Master in Science Studies. As a PhD student at Bielefeld University, he focuses on what makes scientific research socially relevant. At city2science, he supports the writing and coordination of large grant proposals and is an expert in the area of budgeting for European projects. Furthermore, he supports the office activities for EUSEA and is responsible for the maintenance of the city2science website.

Specialities: Maker-based workshops, public engagement, project management, digital communication