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SciCultureD Meets in Germany, 2024

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The organizer of the workshop is: city2science.
SciCultureD Multiplier Event on Open-Innovation took place at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, in Kleve (Germany), and was organized by city2science on 21st March 2024.
The Multiplier event is part of the ScicultureD Erasmus+ project that promotes transdisciplinary, collaborative learning and develops co-creative solutions to urgent challenges of our time.

About the workshop

City2science organized its 2nd multiplayer event on 21st of March. Verena Molitor and Basel Myhub ran this event, on open innovation, at HSRW in Kleve.

Lasting 6 hours, the event started by an introduction of ScicultureD and the course kit. Then, participants worked on open innovation as a mindset and as a new way of collaboration, through the design thinking method. They had the opportunity to bring in challenges from their practice and to find out how these challenges can be addressed through open innovation.

  • 21 March
  • Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Kleve
  • city2science

In this way, the participants chose one of three challenges proposed by some of them and collaborated actively on identifying stakeholders, playing their roles, and developing solutions.

The challenges revolved around:

  1. The development of educational programs in schools to enhance an active response to climate change,
  2. Convincing citizens to actively participate in the process of societal transformation,
  3. The implementation of “one mission: teaching, research and technology transfer” at the faculty of Technology & Bionics.

All groups created concrete action plans, and set up the ground for further collaboration beyond the workshop.

Credits: Luisa Hegner/HSRW

A programme based on the Design Thinking method

The Design Thinking approach is at the heart of ScicultureD events, to value innovate ideas and generate impactful response to global issues. This process is defined in several essential steps: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. During the Multiplier Event, participants could find out more about how to use the method.


Presentation of SciCultureD project and the toolkit
Presentation of the SciCulturreD project and its methodology
Discover (45')
Understanding open innovation and identifying the challenges of “opening up”
Define (45')
Identification of example projects to be worked on should be worked on
Develop (75')
Prototyping and co-creation based on the selected examples
Deliver (75')
Exchange and discussion on the prototypes and action plans
Conclusion, Networking (15')
Summary and discussion

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