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SciCultureD Meets in Germany, 2023

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SciCultureD Workshop on Open-Innovation was led by city2Science on 29. November 2023 as part of the Multiplier Events programme of the project. 

Excellence today is about more than groundbreaking discoveries. It includes openness, transparency and the co-production of knowledge.

About Open Innovation

Open Innovation is a collaborative approach to research and development that involves integrating external ideas, expertise, and resources into the innovation process. It departs from the traditional closed innovation model, where ideas and knowledge are generated and developed internally. Open Innovation approach encourages organizations to actively seek external collaborations and tap into a broader network of stakeholders, including researchers, industry experts, customers and multiple publics outside these organizations.

  • 29 November
  • RUB-Makerspace, Bochum
  • city2science,
    UniverCity Forum,

Open Innovation extends significant opportunities to society at large. It provides access to diverse expertise from academia, industry, and more, facilitating innovative solutions to societal challenges like healthcare and climate change. This approach accelerates progress, making it effective for urgent issues. Moreover, it’s cost-effective and fosters social cohesion by promoting inclusivity and cooperation. Ultimately, open innovation empowers communities, organizations, and individuals to collectively address significant societal challenges and drive positive change. 

Despite the many benefits of Open Innovation, there are major challenges that prevent it from being properly implemented. Problems such as intellectual property concerns, resisting organizational culture, lack of trust among collaborators, Cultural and language barriers, and Resource constraints are but a few examples of challenges that contribute to the slow adoption of Open Innovation.

About the workshop

During this workshop, participants will actively address opportunities, but also the challenges hindering the implementation of Open Innovation. Through engaging discussions, thought-provoking activities, and collaborative exercises, they will delve into the barriers, explore complexities, share insights, and uncover innovative solutions. By actively participating in interactive sessions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of Open Innovation and will collectively work towards identifying effective strategies and best practices to overcome them.

The workshop will be conducted as an element of the project SciCultureD, which aims at addressing “wicked problems” by bringing together social enterprise, scientific research, and the arts. In particular, SciCultureD employs design thinking and creative pedagogies in exploring, and defining challenges, and developing and delivering socially inclusive solutions.
The workshop enforces and builds on the successful SciCultureD Course, which was organised in Bochum between 8 and 12 May 2023.

Group picture taken at the intensive course held in Bochum, between 8-12 May organized by city2science in collaboration with RUBMakerspace, UniverCity Forum and the SciCultureD project.

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