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SciCultureD 2023: log book notes from day 1

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What is a third place? What does it take to catalyse sustainable transformation in communities?​ Notes from the first day.

Here’s a wrap-up from this exciting day 1. Ready? Let’s go:

Kerry Chappell (HVL) broke the ice with a movement session, exploring how the body connect us with each other. Once warm and confident, we touched upon the basics of Design Thinking with architect and expert Kristine Pace (UM): empathize, be curious, & listen without judgements – a few points to keep in mind during the course.

We had the pleasure to learn more about the local context thanks to the presentations from City2Science & City of Bochum, our local references. The Ruhr region with its about 5.3 million inhabitants, is the third largest metropolitan area in Europe and is now focussing its efforts in promoting the connection between culture, scientific research and its rich industry legacy. More than 150 different countries are represented here. They are spread throughout the 53 towns, cities and municipalities, including Bochum. The city has roots into the mining sector, today cultivating a transformation toward a knowledge centre through third places: for example the ambitious ‘House of Knowledge‘ project led by the City of Bochum together with City2Science and the UniverCity Network. The idea of an ‘house of everyone’ is seeking to meet the different needs under one (green) roof and will unite the city library, the adult education center, the UniverCity network and a market hall through co-creation processes.


ive from his studio, Christoph Deeg, expert in digitalization & gamification, connected us with the concept of “digital third places” – how to define one and what’s their purposes in the analogue world? What opportunities can the digital venues open us? Couldn’t be more grateful for his inputs that helped us discuss our ideas of such venues though group work – a moment of reflection, collaboration and exchange.

We would also like to thank the UniverCity Forum, the network of seven universities in Bochum, three research institutions and other partners to promote cooperation between science and the city on topics based on needs.  We were warmly welcomed in the suggestive entrance of the – a central venue for the history and culture of the region – for the world café tables: diverse groups explored the role of museums, if they can be considered third places and what’s their roles in society and for the present and future of local communities.

A lucky sunset concluded the activities of day one, before being hosted by the coal-mine-themed canteen and treated with local beers.

See you tomorrow!


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