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Intensive Course - Athens 2022

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The future of sustainable educational communities for Greece

The future of sustainable educational communities for Greece was at the heart of this 5-day intensive course from the 20th to the 24th June 2022, in Athens, Greece. Participants worked in groups on a project to challenge their views of sustainable educational communities for Greece of today and what it could be in the future.

By working in transdisciplinary teams and using the Design Thinking approach & the creative pedagogies, they investigated the future of sustainable educational communities in a country that changes and has just surpassed a great economic crisis.

They saw the topic from various perspectives with a specific challenge: developing an innovative proposal for how sustainable communities in Greece could evolve and address the global challenges related to sustainability and green transition.


Following the Design Thinking process and the Creative Pedagogic principles

The project follows a design-led process, using the Double Diamond as a framework to move the process through: Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver. 

The SciCultureD course integrated the Double Diamond approach with 8 Creative Pedagogies, eight practical features of a creative science education identified by the CREATIONS team. These pedagogical features guided the design of the course (present as card suite in the Course Kit planning tool) and strongly emerging during the activities.

The eight creative pedagogies are: dialogue, transdisciplinarity,  individual, collaborative and communal activities for change, balance and navigation, empowerment and agency, risk immersion and play, possibilities, ethics and trusteeship.


Photo credits: ScicultureD 2022 (Erasmus+ funded)

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Where collaboration happened

Most of the course was held at the Domotel Kastri, a boutique hotel located at the Kastri district of Nea Erythrea, close to the center of Athens. The lush, pine-covered estate on which the hotel is situated creates a soothing and welcoming atmosphere, while its imposing architecture attests to its elegant past.

Τhe hotel is ideal for city breaks, business travels, for large conferences, corporate events and training workshops hosted in-the-state-of-art convention center.

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