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Call for Arts & Activism Works

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Do you work or study in creativity, arts or activism? 

Take part in the arts exhibit ‘Connect – Communities for Change’,  and share your views on how
we can move towards inclusive and sustainable societies and environments through art.

About the exhibit

The CONNECT – Communities for Change exhibition welcomes the works of various art forms in line with the SciCultureD efforts to drive positive change and impact the wider community.

Why this exhibition? Arts can explore and bring new and different perspectives to how we can move towards inclusive and sustainable societies and environments, while reflecting on our past. Arts can help us think about wicked problems from different, often-unexplored perspectives, and lead to engagement in social and environmental issues. And, arts can connect people of different backgrounds to work towards change.

Details of the launch
  • SciCultureD Final Conference, 29 October 2024
  • University of Malta, Valletta campus
  • 7 - 14 days
An immersive sharing session of the Sciculture course in 2019. Photo credits: SciCulture (Erasmus+)

The exhibit, curated by the Department of Arts Education at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and the University of Malta, will bring forward artworks in the context of local communities, with the expressed aim to encourage reflection on European society and its environment to instigate critical thinking and dialogue.

To achieve this, the SciCultureD project will support a wide community of professional and up-and-coming artists, of different ages, cultural backgrounds and choices of expression. The team will provide organizational support and provision of materials up to an agreed amount.


Who can participate?

The call for artworks is open to the SciCultureD Ambassadors, activists, artist and creative communities.

When & where will the exhibit be exposed?

The exhibit will be inaugurated during the SciCultureD conference on October 29 2024 in Malta, and will be open for 7–14 days. The exhibit can be performed or expounded at Valletta Campus. Details will be discussed upon registration.


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